Before and After


A small place, a home away from home for my big boy. I had some moments of regret and disappointment, many moments of total disgust and some days I broke down into tears at the mess that was before me.

You do not need to live in a place that looks like it should be in the cover of a designer magazine, but your home should not look like a pig pen! The people pigs that lived in this place were not normal people more like a group of hogs. Papa hog, mama hog and some piglets, one being a baby. The state of the kitchen was just something out of a scary movie. Thriller! I was gagging and almost vomited once when trying to get the grime off things. No wonder the place was infested with the one thing that gives me the biggest creeps and just the word makes me break out in hives – cockroaches. The extermination company said they are German Cockroaches (say no more)

My painter who lives in a shack, said his shack was cleaner and he would not be embarrassed for me to visit him there. The cleaning lady did not believe that a woman had lived in that apartment and used that kitchen. So…if they say all of that, can you imagine the filth? I was like the white sangoma with all sorts of fumitabs, powders and potions to get rid of the bugs. During those days I had no consideration for the ozone layer. Sorry.

Everything in that place was bleached and disinfected twice. Painted. Varnished. Cleaned. Finally ready for humans to live in.

These are the before and after pictures.


400 401 403 404 406 408 410 411 416 419 421 422 433 434 436

 AFTER 🙂 looking much better471 472 473 474 481 563 689 690 691 692 695 704 711 787 828 830 831 837 841 845 849 850 863 870

There are two cupboard doors missing. We need a chest of drawers to store some of the books that are still in boxes under his desk. The little sofa has not been delivered yet. So it’s a work in progress. But it’s livable and clean.

Leaving him this time (as a third year student) felt like I was leaving him for the first time all over again…my boy all alone in his own little place…

Preparing for Spring

1st of September we celebrate spring day. But as long as I can remember spring day is always still cold. This weekend was no different. It was freezing. But the calendar tells us its SPRING. And I’m just as excited as anyone else to hear that word. Soon we will have gorgeous warm nights, the fans will be working again, all the windows will be open and we’ll hear the splash of the pools. Am my favourite thing ever for the month of October is the smell of the Jacaranda trees.

It’s here we can almost touch it!

As most people moaned about the cold weekend, we got busy at home preparing for the real spring weekend.  Spring cleaning at home, painting and fixing and getting that pool clean again 🙂

New front door got varnished – Orchids almost opening also waiting for warmer days  – Koi pond was tended to and hungry fish are happy to see us


Finishing paint jobs – Hanging up of hearts – Cleaning the pool for summer


Finding a nest in my palm tree – New pot plants – Afternoon naps


It was busy in my house this weekend, our new colour is beautiful and we are ready for the real spring day to arrive.

So Mr Cold and Mr Wind you can go away now!  Excited!! 😀