You can do it!!

Last year this time I prayed for a huge storm so that I could go home early and not do the race. Funny thing is I had done it before and the 5.6km walk was not so bad, it was just laziness getting the better of me. We did have a storm early in the afternoon and by four o’clock it was all clear and off we went for our ‘team race’.

I started this year with a resolution – a fight for fitness – determined to lose weight – aiming for something bigger – a commemorative and special race one day! Almost every Sunday since the 13th of January I have entered and completed a small race.

So with all that experience behind me *I’m literally rolling on the floor laughing*  I signed up for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge again.

Start line for walkers

Start line for walkers

JP Morgan has become a team race for our department. It’s the yearly tradition and team build we can all participate in. Although we are all at very different fitness and sporting levels, we enter it for the fun of it!

It’s kind of a celebration of the last summer evenings. It’s warm enough, sun has set and the evening walk or run is just awesome. The smell of jacaranda trees is still sweet and strong. A walk under the starlit African sky…oh that sounds romantic and it could be if we did with our partners 😀

For the most part I had good company with me;  two marketing colleagues that kept me going. One is a real runner and I look up to her and her experience and lap up every bit of info & tips I can get. But somewhere near last two kilometers I fell behind and did the rest on my own.

JP Morgan is packed and when you’re a newbie runner it’s quite hard to maneuver between the crowds. I think this year the runners and walkers doubled. I don’t remember it being so packed last year.

At some stage of the race I passed a house with a young cheerleader, she did the same thing last year with her parents. She came back with her pom-poms and was screaming you can do it and waving the pom-poms. I think it’s time to introduce myself to her if she’s going to be there every year cheering  us me on. You can do it. I need that extra motivation.

At every kilometer mark the runners and walkers cheered and screamed. More motivation!

The fun part is when you see the bright lights of the stadium and you can hear the announcer talking about who’s coming in at the finish line. All of sudden there’s a new sudden burst of energy and the walkers start jogging and runners start sprinting to the finish line!

My time is recorded and I felt my cell phone vibrate. It was the SMS with my finish time!

There aren’t that many evening races. This is one you should enter if you want to experience something different. There is no sun heat, the cool evening air is refreshing and to experience real team spirit & gees this is the race to enter. Our company had 700 entries this year. We are different individuals with a similar interest (JP Morgan) we have similar attitudes and it all comes together; proudly wearing our company logo and a TEAM is FORMED.

Whether I continue to be a runner this year or not it doesn’t really matter, one thing is sure, next year I will be doing the JP Morgan again with my team!

Marketing Team

Marketing Team

JPMCCC Johannesburg:

Paula Lopes at the Finish in 1:04:08.

Pace 18:19 min/Mile.
Time of Arrival: 7:34:06.

Try Something New

Some people crave trying new things. Adventurous free and happy spirits. I like routine and I like sticking to what I know. I like to try new foods but usually stay on the safe side and stick to what I know. I envy people who start new things and grasp it quickly and successfully. I might even be able to do the same thing but because I never try I don’t know what the outcome might be….It’s a fear of the unknown and fear of failure that keeps me on the conservative side 

BUT having said that I have done something new and very daring and adventurous. This blog was something new!

And just recently I started something that is so not me and so out of character that I’m waiting to wake up from my sleep to find it was all just a funny strange dream #running

I have never been the sporty athletic type, in primary school I participated in the relay races and egg-and-spoon-races.That is my whole sad sporting history!

Now I run walk a race every Sunday; ten kilometers! Pure Madness!

Trying new things requires → huge amounts of courage → teaches you to conquer challenges → opens up new possibilities → forces you to grow and learn

Courage → Conquer Challenges  Possibilities → Grow and Learn 

I believe I’m doing a lot of the above lately. Even if no one around me sees it. I am doing all four, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes a little slower and one at a time. I will never bungee jump and taste scorpions….but something inside is making me try something new and I wont let fear of failure stop me now. Not yet anyway. This is my thing, my journey.

You never know if you never try

something new

Another three races

I have completed another three races.

  • Johnson Crane 10km on 27 January

We were so late this morning and still had to register, it was a bit of a crazy start. Then we were mooned, just before the race; if you know what I mean…a runner in desperate need of the loo! (it was an eclipse) #PrivateJoke

  •  Alberton Race 10km on 3 February

I loved this race, close to home. The race officials were supper friendly, it was so well-organized and the spectators and neighborhood people were just awesome; offering support along the way.

  • Pick n Pay Race 10km on 10 February

This was also a good race, we had great laughs at the starting line. They were playing chariots of fire before the start which just made me laugh.

Special THANK YOU to the nice runner that opened her house half way through the race and allowed a whole bunch of ladies to use the loo 😀

Real girl power! I loved it

Happy Feet - On Holiday! No blisters here

Happy Feet – On Holiday! No blisters here

So far it’s been good, I have not seen any results yet. Not too happy about that, but I am still motivated. Sunday the 17th was rest day for all of us. This Sunday we are back on the road for another race. It’s getting darker now when we wake up so I bet it will not be too easy to get up in the morning.

I developed a blister on my right foot. It looks like it’s healed so I’m ready for Sunday.

New Life


  • Orlando 10km on 9 December 2012
  • Dischem 5km on 13 January 2013
  • Bobbies 10km on 20 January 2013

Those are entries in my diary and part of my New Life – my running partner is FruityLee 🙂

I always say that a new year is a new life. I ended last year with a 10km race that left me stiff for a whole week and I discovered new muscles along with the stiffness. I also sent my running partner rude messages every morning when getting out of bed was just too painful and my bones cracked.

So for this new year I’m back at work and back to some kind of routine at home. Two Sundays have started really early with two races added to my diary – it’s part of what I call My New Life. Getting off the couch and doing some physical activity. I have been sitting comfortably like a couch potato, stretching my legs and then resting some more for so many long years and the weight has been piling on….

These three races have been more about walking than running. I don’t know how to run, I hope I learn to run one of these days or at least jog.

Any and all motivation and encouragement is always welcome. No ugly comments around me for now, so I’m feeling pretty good and proud of myself. It’s not easy to get up at 05h00 and to be at the starting line with hundreds of people passing you so fast you soon feel like you’re the last one. I hate looking back!

But I did it! This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and I’m feeling really proud. Three little entries in my diary, that’s all you need to start and a good partner to push you!

Thank you Lee for not leaving me behind.

My morning

What did I do this Sunday morning?

Completely out of my comfort zone and something I don’t normally do, this morning I was coaxed into doing the Orlando Half Marathon, 21km, 10km, 5km.

I said yes casue I though I’d do the 5km. But this runner person that I was with tricked me into the 10km *sneaky & tricky*

Finally! I finished it, made it to the end!! Thanks to my trainer, motivator, inspiring, encouraging, friend spurring me on; I made it. I was exhausted, my face was lobster red. I know tomorrow some places and body parts are going to be stiff, I told her she better not phone me….there will be some name calling involved.

Already she’s coaxed me into another one on 13 January 2013 *scared*