The story of me

When you run a race there’s always a medal at the end, even if it is a bad-looking medal, you still get to take something home. Something that you can show your family and friends.

I have a few of those medals, I did a few small races and I have saved my medals. They are not on display but they haven’t been abandoned in the garage either. I have them hanging over my easel in my art room. So it’s quite a special spot with some honor given to them.

Those races were hard for me! Extremely hard, I completed them with huge effort, lots of sweat and some pain. The pictures of me when I completed those races are so horrible to look at…sweating, red face, dry lips, exhausted eyes. But the accomplishment of completing them is something not captured and seen.

And so it is the same with the story of me and my lines. There’s a beautiful Instagram account LoveYourLines which was started by two moms, about self-love and accepting your body and all the stretch marks, this page was started late last year and they have thousands of followers. There is no place for shyness here although some pics are anonymous. I’m in awe of every single picture that is posted, such brave women, exposing everything.

A  FullSizeRender

I have hated my body and lines for so long I can’t even remember when it first started.

It was this IG page that made me look at my lines in a different way.

It was the struggle of my friend to fall pregnant that has made me think of my story.

The story of me has two children in it. When my first son was just nine months old I had the second one on his way. I have lines and stretch marks on my legs and bottom and my breasts too, they are my medals. Of course these medals are not on display and I have hated them so many times.  But I know at least two people who would kill to have those stretch marks and lines, they would do anything for those medals after the nine month race, and they would love every single line…

I can’t walk around showing them off but have decided to let go of my negativity even if only for this post, I decided to let go and share this, two photos of the story of me. My lines, because they are my reward and medals for my sons. They are a part of me and I love my lines.

b  Picture1