In Sync (2)

Similarities or In Sync?

We both like to sleep with curtains and window open

We both sleep with one foot hanging out of the bed

I love trees. He knows that and he sent me these pictures

from a link he sent me -took me straigh to this photo

from a link he sent me -took me straigh to this photo

his photo @UCT - owl in the tree

his photo @UCT – owl in the tree

In Sync (1)

In Sync (1)

What does in sync mean? If I asked my son he would reply in computer terms –

To Sync, means making files the same on multiple devices. For example, you sync your iPod and iPhone to your computer.

That would be his answer and I guess it kind of explains everything.

Like the synchronization of an orchestra – keeps the orchestra in time. Everything works well together and flows beautifully.

That’s how I feel with my boy. We are in sync.

Last week when I was planning my trip to Cape Town to visit him I asked; what else he needed or wanted from home? He remembered he wanted one particular magnet he has at home (don’t ask me why? And I won’t lie)

Anyway he asked me to look for his magnet. I received a text message with perfect instructions of where I could find the magnet. I had to look for a tin box in a drawer which is full of other goodies and some old little boy treasurers. So I went to his bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed and opened his drawer 😀

Oh my hat! 😀  He is exactly like me, a real carbon copy of his mother! I had to laugh.

tin box

His instructions and description of everything was so perfect it was supper easy to find his object. Also that drawer reminded me a lot of me and how my drawers, and cupboards looked when I was his age. I knew exactly where everything was. I could walk into my room and I’d know straight away that my sister had been in there just by looking at the dressing table. She moved my hair brush, again, grrr…. It was not lying in the same position I’d left it. I know I did suffer a bit from OCD at that age (still do about some things).

But I was just pleasantly surprised and it made me happy to go through that treasure chest of his and see how every little item fits in perfectly, and I know he knows how it looks and what’s inside and he will probably moan when he’s back home and sees that I have not left it the same, something has been moved.

It’s just a nice warm and fuzzy feeling…when I see some ME in my kids.