I am wistful for a salty kiss, sticky arms and the scent of the ocean.  For a damp towel and the foam of the white-capped waves, for my heart to beat with the ocean. I am longing for that  immense blue and longing to look into the depth and horizon and be blinded by the sun hitting the ocean.

Because I’m always dreaming of being near the sea I painted this for my bedroom, so I can lie in bed with my book and dream more pretending to be on the beach ❤



into the blue…

Into the blue is small 30 x 60 cm painting that I started while a new sunset was drying.

It is so soft and simple. I used lots of white and cerulean blue with a bit of emerald-green and a tiny pinch of yellow ochre.


I love the simplicity and peaceful colors.


I look at this and wish I had used a really large canvas, because I am in love with it. It just has a calming effect on me and I think this is the first time I have ever publicly said this about one of my paintings – this one is beautiful !