Preparing for Spring

1st of September we celebrate spring day. But as long as I can remember spring day is always still cold. This weekend was no different. It was freezing. But the calendar tells us its SPRING. And I’m just as excited as anyone else to hear that word. Soon we will have gorgeous warm nights, the fans will be working again, all the windows will be open and we’ll hear the splash of the pools. Am my favourite thing ever for the month of October is the smell of the Jacaranda trees.

It’s here we can almost touch it!

As most people moaned about the cold weekend, we got busy at home preparing for the real spring weekend.  Spring cleaning at home, painting and fixing and getting that pool clean again 🙂

New front door got varnished – Orchids almost opening also waiting for warmer days  – Koi pond was tended to and hungry fish are happy to see us


Finishing paint jobs – Hanging up of hearts – Cleaning the pool for summer


Finding a nest in my palm tree – New pot plants – Afternoon naps


It was busy in my house this weekend, our new colour is beautiful and we are ready for the real spring day to arrive.

So Mr Cold and Mr Wind you can go away now!  Excited!! 😀