The Artist

I have always loved art of any kind – paintings and I especially admire sculptures and pottery work.

I played around a bit when the boys were small, we painted boxes, plates, bisque, tiles, stones, fabric, leaves… name it, we painted it!!  We decoupaged up a storm. I think I enjoyed it more than they did. Then life got busy and there was no time for crafts and when I finally did find a bit of spare time and courage I started looking for art teachers.

I think it really all started when I bought my first painting. I wanted something with cosmos and finally found something and we bought our first piece of art work. That’s when I decided or realised; ‘Hey, I can paint that’ !!

Once you buy a painting it is very hard to walk past a gallery and something beautiful and ignore it. It was then that I decided I would try to fulfil a dream.

So I started classes in 2000, then because the teacher changed from late classes to morning only I had to give up and stop.  It was a while before I found someone else that taught art at night (that was from 2002 – 2003).  We then moved (small world) one of the old students from previous teacher was a neighbour and she was now teaching….She could fix my mistakes but could not teach me how to avoid them. At that time I painted on boards, instead of canvas and I copied a lot of other art works (you won’t find pictures of those in my gallery).

So after some more searching I found a real art teacher in the area and I’ve been with her since August 2007.

I have no formal art training of any kind I just know I love to paint. So in-between different teachers and classes with some long breaks of doing nothing I have finally settled into a Wednesday night class.  It’s a three-hour therapy session with a real art teacher and some really great and inspired artists who like me just love to paint.

I still think I can’t draw or paint, my art teacher (Sanchi) is kind, patient and persistent and she insists I’m doing a good job 🙂

I have painted watercolour, pastels, acrylic, pencil (etching) and oil.  My favourite medium is oil and I like to do landscapes. Now I paint from photos (mostly hubby’s ones) and only use canvas. You will see from my gallery that my journey is very varied.  I’m really shy to show my stuff. I have participated in a few art exhibitions mainly for charity and I have sold a few paintings too.

My husband and children my are biggest and worst critics but they’re also my biggest supporters.

Painting is “me” time and my escape from the boys, it’s very relaxing and somewhat therapeutic and that awesome feeling when I get to hang another painting up that keeps me going back.

Enjoy, xoxo

All paintings are copyrighted and belong to PFLopes

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