Little fish

There is a song that I remember from our famous fado singer Amalia Rodrigues that is called I went to the sea to fetch sardines…

And so it kind of goes with the theme of my last paintings. The inspiration did not come form the song but from a meal I had at a restaurant recently where I saw something very similar.

My sister also started sending me pics from her Pinterest board. She has this fascination for all fish crafts.  – – Correction: All crafts. Not just fish shaped ones 🙂

And actually, this reminds me of one of her recent trips where she bought herself two or three clay sardines, hand painted in the beautiful blues of the azulejos that is so typical of Portugal, and somehow her boys decided that’s the one thing they’d play with….and of course they broke them! She was devastated and furious!

Anyway I do love the little fish shapes and not very different from my sister I’m also crazy about every kind of Portuguese craft made of clay. And the fish paintings are just as famous, I found a lot of inspiration online and have made up my own paintings for Christmas gifts.


The black sardines are painted Galo de Barcelos style. The blue sardines are painted in azulejo colors and styles. When I look at them one thing comes to mind – Portugal.

A bit of fun and nostalgia feeling for the year end xoxo


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