Happiness is…

On our very first trip to Portugal I remember in my granny’s village a little truck that would drive by every morning.  Everyone in the neighborhood would come running out to where the baker stopped and it was like a mini party, lots of talking and gesturing and bread buying.  And then everyone would disappear back inside and I guess there wouldn’t be much conversation going on because they would all eating bread with butter and cheese.

Some pão com queijo and a good cup of coffee with milk.  Even the children ate the same thing (the coffee was not as strong) but breakfast was the same for everyone.

Nostalgia….for me thinking about this. I was reminded of this special time at a bread baking course.  Something really different, unusual and maybe strange for some, but it was something I have been wanting to do for some time.  And with a little nudge from my friend and we both signed up for a full day of bread baking. Listening to the process of bread making, bakers formula and the science behind it; just took me back to that little bread truck.

I never feel full or satisfied until I’ve had that little piece of bread.  For me bread is a main meal, it’s satisfying on its own and with a little butter or jam or a piece of cheese it’s a whole feast.

Learning to make real artisanal bread just brought back so many good feelings and emotions.  Like watching my granddad eating, he used to have a good piece for breakfast and dip it in a huge bowl of sweet coffee with milk, at dinner time it was a huge bowl of soup and bread.  The pieces were broken off with his hands, not cut.  He sat close to the radio listening to the news….I can picture it in my mind when I look at this beautiful loaf I made, I see him and it takes me back to such special memories. It’s a wonderful feeling.



Real love, time, patience, loving hands and watching something grow and voila – a perfect old-fashioned artisan bread.

It’s no wonder God is identified as the bread of life in the bible. (John 6:35)

Some say warm bread feels like a hug, I know it smells like love when it comes out of the oven.  For me happiness is a piece of real bread in your hand ♥


PS: Gluten is such a bummer, I know – but actually artisan bread is easier to digest, because the enzymes have had time to begin breaking down the gluten in the flour while fermenting. And you can take time to savour it too, it tastes better than shop bought. Shop bought is what’s bad for us. 


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