The story of Tamar


You’re special because God made you especially to be you

You’re special because God loves you with his whole heart

You’re special because there’s no one else in the world just like you

You’re special because you don’t even know how special you are!

I received a card from my friends, this weekend with this message … when I read it in between tears I was thinking how this was exactly like them. My friends leave this week they are moving to the Cape and although we didn’t speak to each other everyday I know I’m going to miss them terribly. The chats, the lunches and laughs, the complete trust and confidence I had in them.

I’m sure the sadness will go away soon, for now I just want to say good-bye, see you soon, stay safe and I wish for you both huge huge amounts of luck with your new adventure, I’m so excited for you. We will catch uo soon! Most especially thank you so very much for the story of Tamar!

I will never forget it! xoxo love from me




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