@writersbootcamp Day 26 Friends

ah friends why don’t I feel like writing about them? It’s just too many and too many years between school friends, and the growing up friends, and the adult ones, it’s so many…

My sister is one of them but distance makes it difficult. My cousin, she has been around at the best and worst times. Some nice gals at church that keep me sane. One extra special girl who also emigrated but we have managed to stay in touch.

A few girls from primary school, we have stayed in touch and thanks to FB we get to catch up on those important family functions and milestones.

My best friend Nat that has also been around for some tough and good times and we have watched our children come out of cocoons into little butterflies…

My work friends that have worked with me for, oh, something like 20 plus years. They spend the whole day with me so they really see the good, the bad and the ugly of me and still stick around!

And this sums, it up for me – if distance and silence can exist and we remain friends, that’s all that matters. That’s friendship ♥ and I’m grateful for those special girls in my life that are there when I need them most



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