My gran is 90

Day 25 (Yes, I missed day 24, will get to it tomorrow or later) Write about whatever you want to @Writersbootcamp

I will dedicate this post to my gran (from my mother’s side). She turned 90 this week!!! She raised 3 girls and 2 boys. She has 8 grandchildren and 9 and a half great-grandchildren (number 10 on his way).

She did not have an easy life, lost her husband when her children were out of the house but she was still young (in granny terms) and was left with no companion.  He was in a wheelchair his last few years so that must have been hard on her too…


she was 88 or 89 in this pic?

Distance has kept us apart, she is my last grandparent to be alive. She is in a home and although her heart is still going strong, her mind is not too good and she needs constant care. Not being able to wish her personally or speak to her on the phone – I dedicate this to the small strong woman that we call avó Maria. Parabens vózinha!

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