Guilty pleasures

Writersbootcamp on Day 18: Guilty pleasures

There are loads of them, and I just love creating lists of such fun things. For today I will share 10 of my most famous and not so scandalous guilty pleasures.

  1. Sleeping late, getting up for breakfast and going back to bed
  2. Expensive body butter
  3. Wearing my pyjama all day long
  4. My chocolate cake. Anything chocolate
  5. Reading when I’m supposed to be working
  6. Movies! Watching three or more movies in the same day, one after the other. Especially going to a movie theatre alone during working hours
  7. Trashy magazines, I think they are all trashy but having a pile of them to just cut out recipes and read gossip is great when on holiday
  8. Singing out loud in the car to some crazy music no one else listens to
  9. Going to art class during normal working hours
  10. Calling in sick and just chilling at home alone

None of these are illegal or twisted but somehow I felt a bit naughty at mentioning some of them 😀



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