My Parents

Catch-up time on day 14 of 30 day writers challenge – My Parents

Day 14 @Writersbootcampza – My Parents

The colour of my eyes are his, I have the same shape nose, I have his fine hair and his temperament and personality. I do and say and think a lot like he did. He loved a good party, but loved his peace and quiet. He liked reading his paper and didn’t like too much noise confusion or fighting but he liked having visitors and people over for braais. Hard worker, intelligent, with a knack for mathematics and mechanics and fixed everything around the house. I remember the day we got home from school, and there was a TV in the lounge. I thought he had made it, that’s how good he was with making and fixing things.

Honesty and integrity to the bones. Stubborn and determined. Never back stab him; he would never forget it! If he was your friend then you had a loyal friend for the rest of your life! He never gave us a hiding not once. Never did raise his voice, just one look and I knew I better stop. He made our school lunches while drinking his coffee in the morning and watching morning news or Tom and Jerry on TV. He had a sweet tooth and used to say such funny things. I am proud of his name and my maiden surname is very important to me. I miss my dad.

The rest of me I guess is hers. I look like her, but the temperament and personality thankfully are nothing like hers. She says what comes to mind. Things have to be done her way. She is always right. Likes to scream, and talks very loudly. Makes the best lamb dish. Panic queen. Sadly I can never measure up to her expectations, there is always a better school friend, better church friend or better family member. Fat and stupid were her favourite words. Hot tempered and easily angered.

This is me, the first born with my parents –



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