Purple Inspiration

Writers Bootcamp – Day 7 @Writtersbootcmp
Inspired by art (or an artwork or an artist) – this might be seen as cheating…I am rebloging one of my own blogs. Inspired by art

The Art of Adapting

Where does inspiration come from? I say anywhere and everywhere. Purple is a different kind of inspiration!

I visited an exhibition recently, something very different and purple. That’s one colour or shade that I only like on a Jacaranda tree. Visiting the “The Purple Shall Govern” I was just blown away with the story behind this artist.

Mary came from a family of domestic workers; grandmother and mother. Mary is the lady with an Honours Degree in Fine Art, and winner of Young Artist Award 2013 (South Africa). Mary’s story and art is incredible and her attention to detail is just mind-blowing.

What I really enjoy about exhibitions is that it’s great to go on your own and take your time with art pieces. I like and dislike many things and fast-forward when I come across something that I think is awful and don’t understand. I shake my head at the ‘craziness’ of artists and how…

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