Even if you know me well…

Even if you know me well, you don’t know this….

  • I love being called Paulinha – but only by some people. My best friends call me Pauls and that’s also ok
  • I am dreadfully scared of cancer because too many people in my family have passed away because of it
  • I like the smell of coffee more than taste and drink coffee everyday, but only one cup that’s all I can handle
  • I love poetry and theatre and ballet but have never been to a ballet show or live theatre before and the only poetry book I own is an old school text-book (which should have been returned)
  • I hate beards, and can’t stand the look of a face covered in hair, I just hate it and would rather kiss a smoker. I wish he would shave so I can kiss him again and see his blue eyes ;(
  • I tell everyone I am vegetarian (and have been for some time) but lately I have had chicken in the sly a few times because I can’t handle the craving. I don’t know how to stop this
  • I cry almost every weekend

@Writersbootcamp I don’t know if I will survive one blog a day. But I am willing to try. I got totally confused today and thought that the first topic for 1 July would be posted at 6pm so started with the wrong topic…glad I read a few and hope I’m still in time!

To the readers, apologies upfront for the quality or whatever you dislike of my blog posts. I’m not a writer, I’m bad at spelling and read only when on holiday. Dont judge me, be gentle, be kind. You wont know this but I am very sensitive and take things to heart too easily. I promise to be honest with my posts.

3 thoughts on “Even if you know me well…

      • I wish I was able to express my feelings the way you do, but more important than that is that I love your honesty, it just makes sense, and it gives the impression you clear your soul when you write. Girl you need to go to watch a play, its the most amazing experience. 😍😘

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