Is this a RickRoll?

Never thought I’d put my thoughts out there; for friends or strangers to read. This is

going completely out of character for me, I have been sharing my secrets.

To open up like this and

give everything of myself…..There’s always that bit of secrecy you have to hold back.

You can’t share everything. Right? Some things have to be left in the vault or

up to one’s imagination. I also

never thought that cooking spaghetti would one day be banished but now I’m

going to have to find something else

to go with bolognaise and

let me tell you the Italians won’t be happy with that. But

you might one day find me singing and stirring the potjie somewhere

down in that map of the boot in the awesome city called Rome.

Never thought or dreamt that I would one day be

going there & that did come true!  I tell you I have to go back, then the next biggie is 

to go to Greece and drink cocktails in Mykonos then to  

run around in Paris trying all the patisseries and after all that eating I’d have to run

around Portugal visiting family that is so spread out all over the land….

and of course to see the bull fighting in Spain, and I would not ever dream to

desert my friends and family in the UK,

you know they’d be offended if I didn’t visit them too.

Never once did I think that I was

going to be the mom of two wonderful boys that drive me

to drink on most days and at the same time

make my knees wobble and give me hearty laughs,

you know that feeling when you just want to

cry and cry and then cry of laughter! I also

never thought the boys would be so brilliant, I’m  

going to be honest with you here and I have

to tell you that they don’t take after mommy. I would normally not   

say such things…but *she shrugs* It’s almost time to say

goodbye and then I can’t see you laugh at me infront of your PC

Never, never did I imagine I was one day

going to try such a thing as a blog and

tell you in some bizarre way all my secretes and in

a more abnormal manner share my dreams with you, without ever uttering a

lie! Oh dear, I do hope I have not lied to you…

and exaggerated things and feelings, I would not want to

hurt you in anyway. For

you are my new friends and confidents!


That was my Rick Roll, *sigh* I’m exhausted, this was kind of fun, I think.

Was this a real RickRoll?

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school prank

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