I believe it!

photo (2)He who smoothed the surface of the earth, shoving a plane. He who cleft the mountains by earthquake, pounding a chisel. He who opened the mammoth caves of the earth, turning an auger. He who wielded the thunderbolt, striking with a hammer. He who scooped out the bed of the ocean, hollowing a ladle. He who flashed the morning on the earth, and made the midnight heavens quiver with aurora, constructing a window. I cannot understand it, but I believe it.

_ From the Manger to the Empty Tomb, by Rex Edwards

This is a small piece from a book I’m reading at the moment. The back cover says “this work as a whole is best read as a prolonged hymn of praise” I so agree. It’s really beautiful, and a lot of it is poetry to me. Something I loved when I was in school and I’m starting to appreciate and enjoy it again.

The more I read Ellen White the more poetry I find. This book (Rex D. Edwards) that I’m busy reading now; is also full of beautiful poetry; all about the life of Jesus.

I cannot understand all of it, but I believe it!

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