What’s in my marriage box?

995526_590584424315949_1525631118_nThe other day someone shared this on FB – Marriage Box – people believe that a marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things we have longed for……Then it says that marriage is an empty box, we must put something in before we can take something out….

Well after 23 years (celebrating 23 today) I am still not an expert on the subject and I will never be one. I can’t give anyone any advice. BUT I’m going to try in my own way tell you; how it’s worked out….this is what I have in my marriage box….

Keep your comments to yourself


Don’t try to change each other


Be nice, in this life and in the afterlife 😀

be nice

Don’t criticize each other


Be rude to your co-workers (they deserve it more)


Eat bear steak with wild rice  😀


Always, always put the toilet seat down!


Stay active !!


This has been so much fun I might continue and give you “Part 2” – It cannot just end like this, seems so abrupt. To be continued.

Happy Anniversary to us! ♥ ♥ ♥

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