Built not bought

The baby of the house was also needing a car for varsity. And so it was his turn to be spoilt a bit. We didn’t really have money for another car and there was one in the workshop just waiting for attention and some TLC. My bear took my dad’s old skadunk or clunker and started pulling it apart and building it up. This project started last year October. It was sort of a pimp-my-ride project for the two boys. They looked at websites, magazines, TV programs and shopped up a storm on all things cars and slowly turned the little yellow rust boat into an orange super set of wheels. The noise of the exhaust shouts ‘turbo’ and I have no doubt that the baby of the house will soon be speeding around town. That means heart palpitations for the me and nervous attacks.

A Mazda 323 from 1979 turns 34 years old in a brand new look. This is how it was transformed…

5903_10201143769783649_1427735982_n 993509_10201143774103757_473963326_n 993783_10201143774823775_879461123_n 994297_10201143773183734_2035595964_n


His guardian angel is going to be working overtime when he takes that car out on his own. Lord, be with him I pray, that he may always return safely to home….


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