Putting LOVE into action

loveA few simples things to put into practice ….

  1. Be sincere in love. Hate evil and cling to what is good
  2. Be dedicated to one another. Honor one another
  3. Be passionate and spiritual
  4. Be happy and patient and have faith
  5. Share – give something to the poor. Be friendly and generous
  6. Don’t swear and be nice to people who dislike you
  7. Be happy and sad when you need to
  8. Live in harmony with everyone round you
  9. Forget revenge
  10. Be peaceful
  11. Forget revenge again, it’s not for you repay others for wrong doing
  12. If your enemy is hungry give him food….
  13. Overcome evil with good

I love this list, for the original go to Romans 12:9-21


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