…write no evil

Speak no evil. hear No evil. Look no evilWhere have I been these past few weeks?

I don’t actually know!

I have not blogged in what feels like ages. Is it writers block 😀 or am I just out of ideas and stuff to say?

I blog about the boys, my art, family, heartaches, happy moments, holidays, my photographer and God. Sometimes I blog about the few recipes that work out and recently my running. None of that has stopped it’s all still going on, I’m thinking of the next race, I’m busy with a painting that is taking long, the boys and my photographer are still making me happy or making me cry. I made chocolate cake the other day, maybe I should share my secret recipe…but Moo thinks it should stay a secret and stay in the family 🙂

I never blog when I’m angry, disappointed or had a fight with someone close. Not sure why, it’s hard to bare that side of my soul and to share what I’m feeling and thinking at a time like that.

I have been busy, feeling lazy and tired. The ideas and half posts and blogs are sitting somewhere in little notes or deep inside. I’m sure it will all come out again, soon.

Sorry for the silence. For now it’s – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and write no evil

2 thoughts on “…write no evil

  1. I’m the same. It’s not writers block just nervous to say what’s really going on without upsetting someone or regretting it. Defeats the objective of my blog. But I will blog tomorrow! Maybe….

    • I Ah, thank goodness!! I don’t know why I didn’t tell you about this earlier on. Why the fears? If people don’t like what we say they can “switch off”
      Honestly we need to grow up!! Thank you xxx

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