A reason to smile

fatherToday the world celebrated valentine’s day. My beautiful and handsome cousin celebrated his 33rd birthday. And I attended a friends funeral.

As I listened to the tributes and watched the grandkids I noticed that two of the girls look more like grandma when she was young than their own mother, I think that is so beautiful.

And what do you think about when you’re at a funeral? Well for me – it’s my dad!              Of course I would be thinking of him.

The pain and sorrow is less but there are times, like today, where I cried through the service. I cried because of the hurt I saw before me in this family and my close friends and I cried because my dad is no longer with us.

I don’t have his mathematical or mechanical brain. I don’t have his sense of direction. I know I don’t look like him. But I have his eyes. I have his nose. I have his soft and very fine hair. I have the same quiet moods he had. I have his temperament.                      

And I’ve noticed too that my one son is so like him. There’s something in his eyes that remind me of my dad and his temperament is so much like my dad’s. After all, they say grandchildren get 25% of their genes from each of their grandparents. So that explains it then.

One thing I know for sure; everything I am today I owe to him. The person I’ve become I owe to him. Although he was not a church man my beliefs and morals are his. My make-up and disposition is all his.

That was my valentines gift today –

Remembering him

Knowing that although I don’t look like dad I am just like him

I am his daughter! And that is a very good reason to smile

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