Secret place in the bushveld

You know how I love the ocean and wish to bottle it all up and keep it in my bag?

Well when I’m in the bush I just want to capture the stillness and peaceful quietness of it all. I am making notes for this blog right here in this magical place.

My view? It’s of two mountains they meet in the center and just ‘touch’ like that point in the center of a heart drawing, when the two round curves meet in the middle. That is my view, the special love spot! But it’s not red its lush green.


The sounds? The wind dancing through the bushes and trees and the birds calling from all sides. It’s not noisy, it almost sounds like they plan it, they take turns, some of the bird calls I recognize others I don’t and I wish I knew which bird it was.

I have a visitor very close to me, he’s looking at a bowl of chips that was left on the table. I throw them gently on the floor and keep very still and wait for him. He comes close and enjoys his snack and flies away – Southern Boubou!



There are small white butterflies everywhere and some birds fly close enough that I can hear their wings flap.

Now this is the place to de-stress, rest, reflect and just listen to nature. I can hear those annoying bugs too, its hot and they are here in the bush just that these also make a clicking sound (birds need to eat I guess).



The African bushveld is where the rushed get to rest and the stressed get to de-stress.

How do I capture that and keep it in the other pocket of my handbag close to me? It’s moments like this that I know I am so lucky to be living in this part of the world. Its moments like this that I know I have the best husband in the world for bringing us here. Its moments like this that I marvel in awe at the beauty of nature and all God has created.




We are in a ‘bush camp’ (Matyholweni Camp) which means no gift shop, no reception, no people, no noise. We can’t see or hear our neighbors they aren’t that close and the bush is so thick and dense between each little hut that you can’t see anyone (the only mistake park management made – they installed a TV and satellite dish in each little hut, awful idea). Being in a bush camp instead of one of the main camps means that our senses and experiences are heightened. It’s like I am the only one in this place. I am alone with nature. This huge garden is all mine. This tranquil scene is where we are spending new years eve.

Ah I so wish I could describe in more detail just how beautiful and peaceful this place is, I don’t have enough words, my vocabulary fails me….the sounds of nature are incredible, a symphony! And this is paradise and my home for a few days, best of all I have beautiful elephants, gentle giants, roaming in my very own garden!

My friend is back he likes the chips, eats and sings before he flies off again 😀

This is what I want to capture and keep right next to my ocean breeze…..



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