Playing on the beach

I absolutely love the beach and I love the ocean.

I wish I could bottle the breeze and keep it close to me in my handbag forever. Something to remind me of the misty freshness that the ocean blows in and that cool ocean smell, there is no other perfume like it. And something to also remind me of the sound of the waves and the seagulls.


DSCF4140We stayed close to the beach, walking distance and I couldn’t wait to get past the secret paths and closed-in stairs that lead me down to the beach, you always hear the sound of heat when you walk past the bushes. It’s those bugs, I have never seen them, but its bugs so I know I don’t like them, they make this sound you only hear when it’s extremely hot and you’re nearing the sand. That sound is the same anywhere cause I know you can hear it in the Natal area too.



Once my feet touch the warm soft gold sand then it’s ok, I can hear children making a noise there’s the sound of adults talking or playing  and the waves. And that right there is where my holiday starts.

I always say a holiday near the ocean is good for you, walking with your feet touching the salt water is good for your soul. It’s just like taking a good long *sigh* and feeling better and relieved almost immediately.




Port Alfred-20121228-00640

Port Alfred-20121228-00642

It’s an explosion of blues and lots of other shades close to white.

From the deepest darkest blue to turquoise and the soft gentle baby blue with a touch of white. The sand in some places is so soft and so white it almost looks like we’re on a tropical island. Add to that the sound of the waves calling you and putting you to sleep at the same time….people walking their dogs, smell of suntan lotion, some sun burns, colourful umbrellas flapping gently, kites and pebbles and sea shells. Oh I can’t resist picking up seashells or pebbles no matter how broken or how many I have weighing me down already – I always stop to pick one more.



_DSC9922Because the water is cold in this area the beaches are not overcrowded, some parts are quite deserted, untouched, unexplored and secretive with a real tropical look. I love the shock you get when you first feel the ice water touch your feet, it takes a while before my blue toes get comfortable with this cold water.

At night it’s the reflection of the moon that makes the waves dance it’s almost full moon so the silver shimmer gets larger every evening. It looks like silver fish are flapping right there on the surface.

Even when it rains and your holiday seems ruined it’s not. The rain drops make the ocean seem even more mysterious, I love that hazy look as if I am looking through dirty sunglasses, its misty but warm and the rain drops are refreshing and the smell of the ocean is all the better for it.

And that is my perfect holiday all bottled up.

This year it was awesome! Memorable!



Cannon Rocks - Kite Surfing

Cannon Rocks – Kite Surfing

Port Alfred-20121228-00674

2 thoughts on “Playing on the beach

  1. I just LOVE the beach. I love sitting and watching the ocean and the waves and the sound and smell. But I do not wanna go in to the water. Somehow the actual water scares me. It looked like you had an absolutely awesome holiday and spent some special times with your boys! What lovely memories… x

    • Best place to take deep sighs isn’t it? But you have to promise to go in next time you are near the ocean, even if only up to the knees, it’s a wonderful feeling of freedom…letting the cold water wet your shorts a bit. I always laugh, I love it and miss that already….it was a great holiday!!

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