Getting Measured


Oh yes, I had one those very unusual days. Alone, shopping early in the afternoon with no pressure and no one following me. It was a good afternoon and I spent it doing some retail therapy not only for myself. I was out there thinking of the family too. All of them, that whole story of buying them practical gifts and being practical – went right out the window. I got carried away the beauty of the mall and the decorations and all things shiny.

*sigh* It is Christmas after all and there is no time to be playing around and looking for can of oil for the car or bike, seriously!? What was I thinking??

Anyway having all this time for myself and one thing on my list – BRA  – I decided to do what I always read about, and hear others talking about….I asked the shop assistant at Edgars if they take measurements for bra sizes?

She said YES and pointed me to the lady. I walked over with the one hundred bras I had tried that did not fit and strangled me. She took one good look at me (big mama, black women) at my boobs anyway not my face and told me straight: “those are not your size”

She didn’t even have a tape measure in her hand, so I thought I was about to walk away when she picked two bras and told me to try them.

I walked back to the change room to try them out and they did fit. She then came looking for me and told me to open the door “I want to see” and I reluctantly let her in. She had the tape measure and more bras in her hand. So I did get measured but I think she did that for fun or whatever, because her prediction was correct. I bought two sets with a huge frown and so many doubts, once you buy these items and take them home they won’t exchange them.

I have been wearing my mini padded pretty pink bra and the skin tone not padded one for more than a week. And I can breathe. I have had an instant boob job.

They look good. And I’m happy.

I was wearing the wrong size for years, no wonder I couldn’t wait to get home and remove it! What a wonderful relief.

Keeping in the topic of bras and good-looking boobs, here’s a nice video, check it out 🙂

Talented lady

3 thoughts on “Getting Measured

  1. I watched an Oprah show a few years ago and it was scary to learn that almost 95% of women wear the wrong size because we are so hung up on the numbers and letters. I was probably one of them, because for years I felt like I should be wearing D and not DD etc. That was the catalyst I needed. Since then I try on a bra and even if the size is not what I was expecting, I don’t care as long as it fits nicely and it’s comfy. (And I don’t even bother with the sizes because different makes have different cuts). Let’s just say I have since bought bras in alphabets further down the line from the D family 🙂 😉

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