The Lady

Finally, I have finished it!! This was a commission, a work colleague and old-time friend asked me do paint this for her.

My friend was sitting in the doctor’s room a few years ago and a patient stood up to leave the rooms; when she left she dropped something….

It was a page from a magazine that was nicely folded into a small little piece, small enough to hide. See, she probably tore that page from one of the magazines in the waiting room. My friend picked it up when the lady left and took one look at the picture and she was mesmerised with the lady. She has kept it in the back page of her diary ever since and every year she takes out the magazine cutout and puts it into her new diary. She loved this picture.

And a few months ago she asked me to paint her. She has seen some photos of the different stages and progress and is coming over to fetch it soon. I am anxious and nervous, I can’t wait for her to fetch “The Lady” but I’m just nervous at her reaction. This was difficult and a real struggle with the palette knife and painting something sort of abstract. I had never done anything like this before.

I hope she likes the painting – I don’t want to take money if she is not happy. It was a huge learning for me, some days I wanted to give up but for most part I like The Lady, she’s quite beautiful, unusual and magical

4 thoughts on “The Lady

  1. Hey Paula, I think this is my favorite from now on. Lucky friend. I’m sure she will love it and anyway appreciate the effort you made. Well done! Camille

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