Dear Santa

There’s a Christmas genie out there called Stiletto Mum full of good cheer; she has decided to create a Secret Santa project for bloggers!! Thank you for your initiative Charlotte. I’m sure this is going to be great fun. We the secret Santa’s don’t know each other but a plan has been put in place to find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa Friend. This is how-it-works: secret-santa

Here is my letter to Santa ….

Dear Santa
I’ve been a very good girl this year. Actually maybe you should define the word ‘good’. I’m not sure anymore, there were some days when I might have been a bit impatient and maybe I went a bit overboard and….oh maybe I should just start this letter with ‘Let me explain’
Anyway I have a secret friend somewhere in the blog world that is going to reward me this year, for being good. So if you can help her find something from my wish list that would be really nice.
  • I don’t wear any jewelry
  • I paint so anything arty is always good see my gallery  
  • I like Body Shop creams and things (cocoa butter, coconut, vanilla scents)
  • I like hearts (home decorations, carved ones etc)
  • Nice smelling goodies like soaps, bubble baths and salts in any scent except lavender. I especially like lemon grass
  • Summer scarves 🙂
  • Wind chimes, butterflies & dragon flies
  • Chocolate! Brown or dark chocolate, not white. Cadbury’s and Lindt none of that other stuff
  • Magazines (Country Life & SA Artist) and books (Francine Rivers & Spud – I’ve read all of them, they are hilarious
Santa will you please get the little elves to deliver my secret Santa gift this December?
Much love, Paula
PS: May I ask for one more thing? I’d like a new blogger friend, that’s the point of this isn’t it? To make new friends…and the real meaning of Santa and Christmas. Here’s to friendships everywhere ♥

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

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    • Oh hello Mrs FF 🙂
      it is nice to meet you, I will go check out your letter to santa to see just how fussy you are

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