Lasagna for the working girl

There’s nothing quick about lasagna. I need a pot for my home-made tomato sauce. Another for the white sauce. And one more for the filling. Then layers of lasagna pasta and lots of working space and with a bit of a mess your lunch is ready to go into the oven. It’s the type of thing I reserve for a Sunday.

But its Friday afternoon I have to rush home and try to prepare a Sabbath meal for us and visitors. Yup I invited people over for lunch, I promised lasagna and I have not prepped anything. The clever thing would be to make the sauces the night before (Thursday) then on Friday it’s easy to just put it together, but that didn’t happen. I have to do the whole lot in one go and be ready before sunset, ha ha. What a laugh.

Well I did it, I managed to pull it off. There is nothing vegan in this recipe. The sauces are shop bought. It’s a lazy, quick and easy lasagna for the working girl. I insist this is healthy. And I love it.

Chickpea and veggie mince lasagna

Two carrots and about four small baby marrows grated. Tinned chickpeas. Veggie mince; (rinse and let it rest with a generous amount of lemon juice a few minutes before introducing into the pot) Put everything into the pot and cook with a good tomato/pasta sauce. Add all your favorite spices now and let it all cook together for a few minutes.

Once that is ready start the layers in your dish. One layer of lasagna sheets, cover with your filling and add the sauces. Oh yes the woolies tomato & herb is delicious. the cheese sauce is even better (bit over the top and rich) but this is lasagna, you need this cheese sauce 🙂

Continue until you have the desired amount of layers. I only do two layers, it just stays moist if it’s less layers. Finish off with more cheese sauce and then a bit of the tomato pasta sauce. And there you go it’s ready for the oven.

Salad. Roast veggies. Olive bread.  

That is my Sabbath lunch…..and I’m done in the kitchen. Time to tidy up and relax. I love quick meals and the friends and good times around our dinner table!

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