Shopping – xmas gifts for the family

It’s that time of the year when we need a shopping list of family names and a few hours or days fighting filled parking lots and shopping trolleys and crowds…and agh all that stuff we hate I hate!

I like shopping in empty shopping malls like the middle of the week – preferably not school holiday – definitely not during school holiday – first thing in the morning when you arrive and shops are just opening…one or two ladies of leisure walking around, that is my best time to hit the mall.

But yip it is that time of the year that we have to buy xmas gifts to the family. Poor credit card that had a bad year already. So I ask some of them “what is on your wish list?”

The answer is: blank stares, don’t know, nothing, anything, shrug of shoulders, or they ask for something totally out of any normal person’s budget like a Ferrari. And so I have tried to be practical and made a list of what to buy so I can push through the crowds and get it done asap….maybe this weekend I will try the shopping malls, maybe….

Louis – toy car for his collection from tommy toys not from his expensive shop

Ness – my sticker family, is it two or three dogs you have? Do you want a fish pet?

Aunt – face cream, a nice one not a no name brand from you know where. It was her birthday the other day so she gets a nicer gift

Uncle – tin of oil for his bike

D – seeds for his garden

Cam – cheese she likes cheese

Small boy – lucky packet

Baby girl – custard & apple purity

Moo – toiletries and cereals for next year

Tigs – books, files, exam pads for varsity next year

Bear – socks cause I refuse to mend the old ones

ME – shoes from green cross + – R600 and perfume + – R800 I can afford to splurge as the rest of the gifts are cheap

Dear family if you have read this – act surprised on the evening and pretend you love your gift. After all what really counts is the — bolo rei, rabanadas, trutas, dried fruit, nuts, xmas crackers, turkey, bacalhau, and all other goodies. And of course we are all together at the beach front this year 🙂 I love you all lots and lots

*doing the happy dance*

Family time, so looking forward to this holiday



3 thoughts on “Shopping – xmas gifts for the family

  1. I love your shopping list, now stick to it………..promise me! If you don’t no rabanadas.
    Seriously I feel the same, can’t wait for the 17th, sun, relaxing, magazines, family, eating, eating, kids, babies, teenagers, counting the sleeps xx

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