Gallery tour

I wish I could have photographed all of them…Enjoy the small tour into the 20th century masters.

Monday morning the french will be there and they will start packing and all these pieces go back to their original homes. So glad they visited for a while.

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]
So pretty and now I’ve see a real Matisse

Pablo Picasso [Nude]
What was he thinking when he painted this? Still I like it 🙂

Gustave Courbet [Portrait of Paul Chenavard]
Brilliant painting.

Georg Baselitz [Elke VI]
isn’t it amazing, when we turn it the wrong way? Brilliant

Georg Baselitz [Elke VI]
yeah it’s meant to be upside down

Felix Valloton [Abandoned Reading]
picture perfect, the most beautiful. I love this painting

Emile Othon Friesz [Hammock]
I sat and stared at this one for ages

Edgar Degas [Dancers on Stage]
Another very famous artist and painting

Auguste Renoir [Young Girl]
it’s a Renoir! 🙂


Andre Masson [Niobe]
strange painting but very beautiful

2 thoughts on “Gallery tour

  1. Thank you for sharing your lunch time experience with us, you are the lucky one. I love the ancient frames, so intricate, must be beautiful to see up close.

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