Misty Sabbath

The weather in Joburg today was overcast misty and a bit chilly. But I love those misty days. It was a beautiful Sabbath. Spring is here and most trees are green and they just look so bright against that overcast and misty morning sky.

I sat in church and I was watching my boy (with his long scruffy hair – my opinion not his) but still looking so smart next to the deacons he was serving the bread and wine at communion. He looked so grown up, and just then I caught a glimpse of one daddy giving his little boy of piece of the bread. It made me smile and brought a tear to my eye as I remembered doing that for my boys too when they were small. Soon that little eleven year old will be in his suit with the deacons, why do our little ones grow up so fast?


Wish they could stay smaller for longer and wish Sabbath could last a little longer too

Sabbath is over, it was a perfect beautiful day

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