Cnr Loveday

For someone who has been driving for yonks (like me) and for one that has had minor or no accidents at all on the road, today did not end off too well….

Leaving work this afternoon someone bumped me! Yeah I know I’m blaming someone else. It was her fault though, she was on the far left lane driving over the yellow ‘turn left only arrow’ and she decided she’d go straight . You are on the left lane lady, the middle lane cars are indicating to turn left as well and you think you can go straight! Seriously!?

The damage doesn’t look too bad, but I just know panel beaters will milk this for all it’s worth and try rip us off. And then there’s the added trouble of getting a case number, insurance claims and paperwork. Glad its Friday tomorrow, I really need a weekend.

What did my son have to say, “so it was 2x women drivers hey? :P”

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