Little House

Every painting has a story, this one is no different. It’s for a special family I know, commissioned by the granddaughter #Odi

This house is still standing in Barberton, Mpumalanga. It still belongs to the family (3rd generation now)

It was built by the grandfather, lots of children were born there. Many many grandchildren have played in that house, especially the wall by the front door. They love the huge stones in the front of the house, and the two poles that granddad put up to hold the little wall that forms some kind of entrance/balcony.

I think they are going to give the painting to the grandma who recently celebrated her 80th birthday

I delivered the painting today and was greeted by huge hugs, loads of appreciation and some tears.

Although they were all very emotional today from experiencing a traumatic robbery earlier in the morning my two friends were truly touched with the similarity of their house and the painting.

I couldn’t have chosen a better day to pop by and give them their painting.

I loved the hugs and this was a real pleasure to paint, so easy. I hope granny likes it

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