Reading back to front

When I pick up a magazine I always read it from back to front. When I pick up a coffee table book with lots of pages of awesome photography and pictures I always page from back to front. Always! It’s the page on the right hand side that grabs your attention first, so that makes me feel OK about what I do. When I used to read Mills and Boon books I always checked the last page and read it, just to make sure it had a happy ending.    I am not sure when this started – my obsession with back to front of magazines and books. I don’t even know if they have a name for this ‘disorder’.

I goggled it! It comes up with 204,000,000 hits so now that I know I’m not alone I feel better. I just think it’s easier to page from left to right although some sites suggest we are ADD and others say we are ISTJ ‘Introvert/Sensing/Thinking/Judging’

Whatever the reason I am not alone. I also love peeping into wrapped presents under the tree, that’s got nothing to do with being naughty and curious it’s just part of my nature of ‘investigator FBI type of person’ 😀

Anyway my point is that I did something even more crazy than looking through a magazine from back to front. I read that last book of a trilogy first!

It’s kind of a long complicated story…short version is my friend has book 1 and 2 and I was not going to wait for her to start reading (after her exams in October) she would finish when?? I had book 3 waiting…so I started it. And I’m done! Finished. I may have skipped a thing or two from the previous books but due to my detective nature I figured it all out and I’m quite sure I have not missed anything important.

Anyway what can you miss from a dirty novel? *she says this with total disgust and embarrassment*

Now im going to to the Brain Hemispheric Preference Test to see if I’m sort of a mixed preference artistic geek. But if you find a name for this ‘disorder’ do let me know 😉

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