Blind for 45 minutes

I will never forget the day I was blind for 45 minutes! With my eyes wide open I couldn’t see my own hand in front of me. I was guided by a man that was born blind. In a strange place in complete darkness, I learnt to relax and trust him and listen to his voice and laugh.

I attended Dialogue in the Dark with some work colleagues yesterday, the experience was scary and humbling, thought-provoking and inspiring and so many other things. We are blessed beyond imagination that we have all our senses and we don’t live in the dark. We are so very blessed. We are also spoilt and so many times very ungrateful for what we have and we are inconsiderate of the ones who live with disabilities.

Sci-Bono is a learning center I didn’t know existed, I think we spend far too much time in shopping malls and not enough time exploring what is outside and learning new things!

If you ever have the opportunity do attend one of these exhibitions called Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) please go, you won’t be sorry. And if you have small children take them to Sci-Bono in Newtown, there is so much to learn there.

Thank you Andre for being my guide in the dark. I will never forget you!

Thank you Lord for my eye sight!

Thank you Lord that I can hear, talk and sing and that I am short and round and have brown hair and that I can see! I love all of it, you created me perfectly. And thank you for Andre, bless him in his work. Amen.

Andre is the man standing behind me

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