I found glue!

Everyone needs one of these and everyone has one (I think). You know the person that calms the crazies in an office, or the family member that knows how to ‘put out fires’ or maybe it’s in the friends circle. There is always one person that knows how to calm everyone down when they are about to explode. Or they say something at just the right moment that keep you from ‘blowing your top’. I think it’s a talent, well it’s nice to be around people like that.

The kind that don’t lose their patience and just fight or talk back or make things worse and instead of calming you down they actually instigate….know what I mean?

I found that person, I always knew that he was quite calm and the kind that would listen to both sides and see both points of view. But it’s confirmed, he is the ‘glue’ that holds us together. It’s a good feeling to know that someone like that exists in my circle of friends. I found the glue. But one tube is not enough, we need more, I will keep looking…

For now it’s just great to know that we have ‘glue’ to hold some of us crazies in place!

Wonderful 🙂

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