Ask your mother-father

Ask your mother!

Did you ever get that as a kid?  “Go ask your father!” “Ask your mother!”

I hated that as a kid, I never asked my mother for anything anyway, there was no point!?!

Anyway here at home we seem to play that game …. I know it’s terrible but we do play that here. Not on purpose. But the boys seem to think it’s easy to ask me, they always always come to me first.

I don’t know why they always ask me everything, they never ask him. It’s crazy and it drives me insane. I’m the one that has to deal with the puppy look eyes.

So some rules for kids and us parents –

  • Take a deep breath – both of you
  • Stand your ground – both of you
  • Explain the benefits – understand the benefits
  • Ask for it as part of your birthday present – give it as part of a gift
  • Offer to pay for part of it (or work for part of it) – make them work for it
  • Body language, be nice – both of you
  • Ask nicely, don’t yell – talk to each other and listen – both of you
  • Kids – get them something nice that they’d like, for a change, you can also give 🙂
  • Be nice! – both of you

– don’t criticize my sense of humor – I think this is funny

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