Dolphin Tale and me

We watched Dolphin Tale tonight. I cried my eyes out. If this movie does not bring tears to your eyes then we need to check if you are human; I know cry too easily, but still I am sure I am not the only one. Firstly it’s what people to do animals that saddens me…and then there are humans with so much love and compassion that they put a prosthetic tail on a dolphin!? But what really got my attention and touched me is how the dolphin behaved just like people do when they try a prosthetic for the first time, her tantrums in this movie were so similar to human tantrums.

And that made me think of myself and how in a simple thing like what I’m painting now, I sometimes feel like I will never get it right. I almost feel like having a little tantrum of my own. I can’t paint this! It’s too difficult! It’s ugly! I don’t want to do it anymore!

Right as if I have any reason to complain or say I can’t when I have these little cards in my art file of artists that paint with a brush in the mouth. Beautiful paintings they make holding a brush in their feet! (The mouth & foot painters)

So that bought me right back to reality, the dolphin can swim and survive with a prosthetic tail, people learn to run marathons on blades, and artists inspire me with a brush in the mouth or foot…I can do it, I can paint and will finish this painting and I better make a good job of it.

*sigh* having said that I really am struggling with this one, I think I need to watch the movie one more time before I take it back….

6 thoughts on “Dolphin Tale and me

  1. so true cous, we sometimes tend to give up so easily, when there are people and animals with bigger challenges than what we are all going through. Thank you for keeping up positive

  2. So I took my 10 year old niece to watch that movie. I cried my eyes out! its beautiful! And so special that it’s not just Hollywood but a true story. Loved it!

    • so I’m not the only cry baby then? I’m glad it is a special story glad that Hollywood made a movie of it xxx

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