Sweet nothing

What does “I did sweet nothing” mean?
I’m sure the explanation is found somewhere in my weekend.

Friday – Freedom Day
Slept late, started making lasagna for Sabbath lunch it took the whole day to put it together, my energy levels were just not cooperating no amount of sugar would help. It was Freedom Day and I didn’t want to be a prisoner in the kitchen so we got take-aways for lunch. The rest of the day was spent resting…

Early morning drive to Marievale for some quiet time in nature listening to the birds, and the rest of the day was spent resting….


I made pasta for lunch that’s as much effort as I could gather up, hey, at least it wasn’t take-aways again.

As most people took this opportunity of the long weekend and went away somewhere the roads were quiet. I was home alone, Tigs off on a school camp so I visited crazy Inga (wax lady) and then my favorite bakery and health shop for some veggie stuff and the rest of the day was just grand. I rested some more…

Tuesday – Workers Day
Oh yes, it’s a holiday for a reason, so we can rest from work life and I did just that. The weather was so perfect you could almost jump in the pool. Braai! 
We have not braaied in ages and it felt and tasted good, just wish my boys were home for it too…they use to love braais.

So that must be the explanation of sweet nothing. The work stuff will go back and be done at work, the cupboards are still a mess, the home bills and accounts will have to pile up some more…cause this weekend was for sweet nothings. It was perfect.

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