Morning Drive in Joburg

My morning starts early, we need to be at school before the bell goes off (promptly at 07h40), I don’t like arriving at the school when the bell is going off or they are closing the gate. We live 26k’s away from school. Some days are really hectic. It’s actually crazy every day, sometimes I’m in the car hooting to speed up my child that is always running a bit late, every minute counts. And then we hit the road. It’s bumper to bumper traffic most of the way, we have small pleasant gaps of open road near home and then we turn into Glenanda and we sit…
Taxis, trucks, out-of-order robots, slow drivers, more annoying taxis and pedestrians. We have it all.
I lose my patience quickly and use the hooter freely and sometimes sign language too.

I am working on that – the sign language piece. That is why I try to keep myself busy admiring what’s around me, watching people. We have some great views in the city and real South African people and things to look at along the way…
It’s hard work staying away from negativity and I really hate it when people can’t see the beauty of where we live, it’s a bit of a jungle sometimes (well lots of times) but there is beauty all around us. Just stop a while and look you will see it too.

First let me explain, I say that I have a photography crazy husband, and I do, but these are not his photos they are mine. He and the boys have cameras and lenses and fancy gadgets to support their hobby. My equipment is a tiny quick snap camera (which is actually very slow) and my cell phone. Really, that is all I have. 
I then load them on my iPad and put it through instagram & colorsplash and make some changes (fuzzy them up etc) I am not even trying to compete with the photographers out there, my pics would never meet the expectations of the camera club. 
And yes I did take these photos while sitting in traffic, robots and making some very very quick stops (every minute counts) I can’t afford to waste time in traffic some were even taken through my dirty windscreen. So now that you know my secret here is my story – 

This is my morning drive to school and then to work and this is Johannesburg.

Joburg seen through my eyes
It starts somewhere here…
The Saddened & Hungry 

Sun is not completely out yet – on most mornings anyway 

Love staring at the sky 

I love this road, the maple trees are starting to turn dark brown red, they form the most awesome canopy

This is the ‘truck’ road, they like to break down at the top of the hill or under the bridge. I enjoy the view of the buildings and I try to ignore the trucks and soak in the sunshine

What’s in the buckets? I know one has vetkoek others have meat…that’s all I’m saying
I never make fun of someone else’s food :O)

Ahh! Washing day! 

Other side of the fence is the Jeppestown railway line
Washing is out on Tuesday afternoon

…and Wednesday and Friday mornings

I’m amazed at how it hangs here every week and no one takes clothes

I wonder if she uses sta-soft?

Sweets, Lion matches, colour popcorn, bananas & apples 

Bread, vetkoek, rock cakes, boiled eggs, chips

Marshall Street brings memories of when my dad drove us to church, if you speed here just a little you go over these bumps that make the butterflies in your tummy somersault. I still love the feeling and now I can do it myself 

I also love the arch that the trees form, it’s so beautiful.
Can you see the ‘waves’ on the left hand side of the road? Just a little speed over these and it’s such a nice feeling in the tummy
We are close to the school and this Jacaranda tree is breathtaking in October when it’s painted in purple

I like this house, very different from the one in Rome, but I’m glad we also have our own Colosseum in SA!

Caledonia Hill – the cross is a memorial from the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902); it commemorates the Scottish officers that died during that time. When we were kids we used to come up here on Sabbath afternoon (church was just down the road) it’s a beautiful view of the city from the top

Unaware of anything around him, he wakes up just before I stop the car, he knows when we have arrived

Inside the school – in front of Sable House
Sable House – I know the boys might not agree but I think the school is beautiful

Famous or not this is ‘Commissioner Street’ – 
taxis & pedestrians drive me insane here but the street sellers keep me amused 
Chips, sweets, boiled egg, etc
One of those shops that sells EVERYTHING you can imagine. The window front is open – no glass! 
You can really see the products properly 🙂 
Shop front changes about once a week

The Forgotten & Lonely

Sweets and I’m almost in the office
That’s 35k’s and I’m about to drive into the parking lot, will be facing a different jungle in the building. This is my morning drive

I didn’t know when I staretd preparing for this blog and taking photos of my morning drive, but The Star newspaper is running a photographic competition The Glory of Our City  celebrating the 125th year of Joburg!
Readers are invited to submit photos of Joburg, (historical or funny, anything) one of the prizes is a Nikon D7000 (sounds impressive enough to me) and it is so easy just email your pic to

I might just enter one of my photos for the amazing I Am Jo’Burg competition.

I have been doing this drive for the past five years, every morning, it’s never boring but I am soooo glad this is the last year (year six!) of mom’s taxi.
I love this city … xoxo

1 thought on “Morning Drive in Joburg

  1. Do it Paul! enter your photos to The Star! I loved this post so much. you take such wonerdul pics. My favourite ones are the clothes on the washing line and the leaves of the trees down the street.

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