Sloppy but not cute

When we were kids my sister had a t-shirt that we bought in Durban. They used have these great shops that had loads and loads of pictures and sayings; you could pick your favorite and they would ‘print’ it on the t-shirt with your name on it. In those days having your name on your t-shirt was cool. We spent hours deciding on the t-shirt. I can’t for the life of me remember what my one had but my sisters one said ‘sloppy but cute’ and had a picture of these dirty little piglets all muddy faces. It suited her, she was the one that was always messy, untidy side of the room, crazy school bag, always falling…well it just suited her. Sloppy but cute!

We all have moments of untidiness in our lives, house or work desk, but at some stage we need to clear the mess and put some order to the disorder.
I’m the unlucky one that works with some sloppy and definitely not cute people. Everyone has a desk, chair and bin, it’s standard in the office we all get it. What I don’t understand is why some people insist on leaving crap all over the floor! The bin is right there next to your desk. Put the crap in the bin.
And here’s another bright idea don’t put it near my desk. I hate that!

You can’t always live with clutter and jumble and if you can’t get to it today or this week then pack it in a nice neat pile in the corner somewhere. Clutter can be filled, I know it can. I have my own clutter corner in the office and at home in each room *embarrising* but it’s sort of out of the way and out of sight and looks neat.

That’s another thing that wombat does, what ever is unwanted finds it’s way into my garage or my sapre room. Another sloppy but not cute person. What is it with people and their own crap, throw it out in the bin, get rid of it don’t slowly push it to my garage or near my desk because one day, one day, I am going to loose it and it aint gonna be cute!

Please use the bin piglet you are SO not cute!!

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