Tiny Hands

Three months is a long time, it is long enough to get acquainted with little nephews and to really get to know them, they were here visiting us for three months and during that time –
Andrea went from disliking me to tolerating me and when he left I am sure he liked his aunt (tia ya ya is what he calls me).

Little Leo went from always screaming for his mom to most days walking up and down the passage calling me or greeting me in the driveway and calling for ‘ti ti’ and not mom 🙂

I have two beautiful poems of foot prints and hand prints and the actual prints of my kids and these prints are in a special album so I will always be remimded of their little hands and feet. Having little nephews around I was left with some works of art on the walls, and hand prints on the glass cabinates, tables etc. they didn’t leave a print on paper or on a place I can keep forever but the hand prints that are still visible remind me of this ….

My Tiny Hand Prints 

My little hand prints on the walls
on the mirrors and the halls
I’ll be grown some day 
And all those tiny hand prints
will surely fade away
so here’s a special gift 
just so you can recall
exactly how my hands looked
when I was so very small

What joy and what a pleasure it was to have them here. Here are some pictures of the three months we spent together…guess which pics are my favorite

Thanks for the memories little ones, love you lots and lots like jelly tots, mwah xxxx

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