My Beach bum

Some time ago I posted about ‘why animals eat their young?’ I came close this morning. Very close. I was hungry maybe that explains my grumpy mood.

So Moo is ready to leave the house, we bought him pots, plates, cutlery etc etc. Spent a fortune this December getting him ready for his move and almost independent life in an apartment flat just under my cousin’s house.

He leaves at the end of this month for his new adventure and new life in varsity in Cape Town.
And so many and I mean so many people tell me he’s going to be ok, I must cut the apron strings, I must let go, he’s a grown man. Blah blah blah.

This morning he asked me to make his ‘bed nice’ in other words make his bed up. Then he came to the kitchen to make his cereal and left the soya milk container open on the counter, the cupboard was open the cereal box out of the cupboard unclosed on the counter the bowl was left on the floor next to the sofa…must I go on?

Yes I flipped, how can he be ready to leave and be independent when he can’t get simple things straight?
I love making his bed nice, and that he asks every morning, I want him to want me and to need me and to feel like he can’t live without mom. But sometimes the laziness just drives me insane, beach bum with no beach!


Any way that was the morning we ended off the afternoon with a good swim all three of us and I look forward to tomorrow morning.  We made peace! Let’s see if the cereal box finds its way back into the cupboard. Should I hold my breath?

2 thoughts on “My Beach bum

  1. Yeah, no. . . the only thing that's going to change is that you won't have to SEE the open milk and cereal and cupboard door. The bowls will stack up on the floor next to the couch (and other places) till he needs a clean one. Then he'll wash one. But only one. I'm sure that's how it goes. Because it's how it happens in my house with the boy I married.

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