Remembering the past year

The end of the year is here and it’s time to reflect on the old and the new beginnings that 2012 promises. What did I do this year that was special, different or significant?

I don’t know I don’t remember all of it, but I love to look through the photos saved on our computer. That is a good indication of what we did as a family, our albums are our best diary.

In February we became part of a small group of people that started a new church 

March was Top Gear madness at Kyalami, I sat on a Harley Davidson for the first time
with the engine running & changed gears, I know small things amuse small minds 🙂
April hubby turns 46, we went to Neil Diamond show the best ‘waste’ of money ever!
… & Tigs had his wisdom teeth removed 😦
and my boys are ordained as deacons
May we bought a piano, I destroyed my toe and turned 40 something!
June I had my big op

July my Moo turns 18 and we start sending application forms to universities. Had a wonderful little holiday in Ballito
September Perfect Moments charity art exhibition raises R43 thousand rand. Hubby goes to Portugal 

Sadly my aunt passed away at the end of this month

October we are graced by the beautiful Jacaranda trees again. It’s our wedding anniversary !
Moo has his matric dance and wins the DUX award for academic excellence 2011. School is officially finished. 
November, Josh Groban at Sun City 🙂
We visit Clarens for a lovely weekend and collect our painting by _ Tina de Beer

December my sister and family arrive from Italy, Andrea is here again…
… I meet Leo for the first time
…and it’s Christmas!

So for 2012 lets 
Remember to count our blessings & not our crosses; count our gains & not our losses; count our laughs & not our tears; count our joys & not our fears; count our health & not our wealth & most of all, count on God and not on ourselves!
Remember God created tortoise’s to remind us to SLOW down, elephants to remind us to think BIG, ants to remind us about SMALL things, the sky to remind us to look up and PRAY, the ground to remind us to look down and be HUMBLE and most importantly…special people to remind us how BEAUTIFUL life can be!
Happy New Year! Lots of love from me

3 thoughts on “Remembering the past year

  1. I loved looking at all your photos Pauls! You are so special to me. I am so happy to go to work with someone like you every day. 2012 is going to be fabulous! you just wait 'n see!

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