Thursday’s Sunset

You can feel and smell ‘holiday’ in the air. Although things are still a bit crazy in the office with little things to finish off before my holiday is official I just can’t help feeling happy about Christmas and the holidays. The drive to work was so pleasant this morning, I was singing out loud to Michael Buble’s Christmas CD. I am sure other drivers though ‘ah shame crazy lady behind steering wheel’.
The drive home after half a days work and a really good lunch with work colleagues was just as awesome! When I’m close to home I drive down a beautiful wide open road with mountains on either side that offer some really gorgeous views. I almost wish traffic would stand still for a while so I can enjoy the view a little longer. And yes of course the CD on the radio does help to make me feel happier. 

We should stop more often and take a break from our busy work days to see whats beyond the sunset. 
Where the purple mountains lie in deep tranquility, just like paradise should be, that is where you’ll find me most afternoons…

1 thought on “Thursday’s Sunset

  1. I love this post Paula. For the first time in a long time, you've stopped to "breathe" and look around you. I forgot to give you an extra special hug today because I know that over this time, your dad passed away. Hopefully with all the family around and your big boy going off to UCT has filled your heart with other joys! (hugs)

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