It’s the color of blood, love, rubies, strawberries, roses, fire, the perfect color for a dress or shoes. It is also Christmas and apples, cherries, lipstick and the best crayon in the box. The Ferrari. Love RED.

What a way to finish the year. Love these last tow paintings for this year. So bright and happy.
…I think it’s my new favorite color.

What’s on my mind for 2012?
Horses! I can’t wait and already have a nice collection of pictures and have a huge canvas waiting for running horses. It’s going to be tough…

For Leo

For Leo’s mom

So for 2011 it’s ‘Good Bye RED’

1 thought on “Red

  1. Hi PaulaI was told all about this magnificent blog of yours by my Dearest & Faithful friend, Candida, your sister-in-law. How right she was, you surely do have talent in thoughts, speech, writing etc. Paula you should think about writing a book, books, etc. (apparently brings in some solid cash) I too love the color red, means so much to me. In the past black used to be my favorite color.

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