Things he liked

It was a normal hot summer Sunday.  
It was hot but there was a bit of a breeze, the washing dried quickly. Lunch was simple and easy to make just could not imagine being in the kitchen in this heat. 
The boys both have an exam tomorrow and spent most of the day studying. I tried to do as little as possible, normal morning routine… laundry, loading dish washer, making beds, tidying up what ever was left lying around from Sabbath. 
Late breakfast for all of us and I spent the day by the pool, a magazine, looking at loads of cut out recipes and a book just in case I wanted to do something more serious than stare at pretty pictures!

But I didn’t forget, today he would have been 70 years old. While I was lying on the beach towel listening to the creepy crawly – I like that sound, it’s soothing – I thought about the things he liked. 
Liking family and the grandchildren is obvious, I was thinking more about – 

  • Lunch bars and the way he use to imitate the old TV ad.
  • All chocolates actually, and how Friday evening he’d hide a large slab in the same place so the boys could ‘find’ it.
  • Braais!
  • Sports on TV.
  • Reading his newspaper.
  • Eating lupins and cold boiled prawns.
  • Being in the garage and garden, not really doing much but just ‘playing’ around with his stuff in the garage.
  • Driving, he liked to take long trips and he played Julio Iglesias & Demis Roussos from tapes on his radio.
  • The beach.

From where I was lying on the floor soaking in the warm sun I looked at our very small portable braai and thought ‘today I would have had some of your chicken’.  We have not had another braai like the ones he made, since he passed away no one wants to light up and we have all become vegetarians here at home, and vegetarians do braai, but it just doesn’t feel right don’t know if it’s the chicken that is missing or the braai master.  I think it’s more about the braai master than the food.

He also liked acting silly and Christmas is the funny, happy and silly season. We always had loads of fun and laughs…and yes that too has not been the same since he passed away. How can it be when the day he died was 23 December? It is getting a better and I do plan to put the tree up this year and decorate like the old days.

The silly season and the silly men in the family 

 This is one of my favorite old photos, oh that chair was embarrassing on the beach 🙂 

Sunday is over, it’s back to work and I still need to pack lunches, agh my work never stops!
Good night 

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