Practice what you preach

For some people it’s always easier to fight for their principles than to live up to them.  They have enormous amounts of knowledge but they don’t share or teach.  They don’t see you through the bad times but they see through you; they always see the bad in you.  Always looking for someone or something more perfect and spot free. 
For some people if you are not 100% flawless, perfect, skinny, pretty, witty etc, etc, etc then you are just not good enough.  Instead of building you up and mentoring you teaching and up lifting you they put you down.  They have loads of snow white perfect principles and morals but do not live up to majority of them! They should know that the only time you look down on people is when you are helping them get up! Why make others feel little?   
It’s disappointing.  It’s sad. 
Do I sound angry? Maybe I am a little but I am more disappointed than anything else. 
I am smiling though because I am thinking of someone I have known for a good few years…can’t remember how long.  She is a work colleague and someone that has had and continues to have a positive effect on me.  She lives up to her morals and principles and although we are so different and our religions are worlds apart I learn from her all the time.  I admire her positive and gentle attitude towards life and people.
If I have a problem at work – she listens, supports me and offers advice
If I have a problem or complain about the boys – she listen, laughs, tells me a story about her nephews and offers advice
If I have something to say about my hubby – she listens, sympathises and offers advice on how I can become a better wife.  Here I usually ask “who’s friend are you anyway?”
Even when things are tough at work and she is the one taking the pressure – she talks to me about her troubles and worries but still manages to see the positive and say something good about the person giving her a hard time. 
so different but so close 
This is the one person that never makes you feel bad about yourself, never runs you down or thinks she is in any way better than you or others.  Always has something nice to say to you no matter how many times you have been a disappointment.
At the beginning of this month she came to me to apologise for any wrong doing before she left for her Hajj trip. She was so sincere and humble she made me feel bad. This is the person that lives and practices what she preaches, she is the one with the positive attitude and outlook towards other people.

I really admire that and can’t wait for her return so we can catch up over coffee and I can sit quietly and listen to my wise friend Zak.

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