Twenty one years

We met in December 1988 and under the moonlight and beautiful starry starry night in the Kruger National Park we fell in love.  We were engaged in October 1989 and married October 1990!
It started with a huge celebration with family and friends, and like any other couple we both had hopes and dreams.  Along the way we have sometimes found the road a bit bumpy where we have been forced to stop change a flat tire, get a whole engine overall or just fill up with petrol and then we continue our journey…
Over the last 21 years I have learned that our marriage is an alliance, where two newlyweds have become two old weds.  Apart from love you need to have commitment to each other and to the marriage.  You have to really listen to each other, talk things through and listen.  You need to give each other room for individual growth.  You need to forgive each other over and over again, mmm I think patience also comes in here somewhere very close to forgiveness. 
Marriage is a union an agreement.  It is not a chain but it’s a whole lot of tiny little threads which sew two people together through the years. Marriage is not just about finding the right partner but being the right partner.  It’s such hard work (until you have kids) honestly saying ‘I do’ is easy.  It’s like the happy ending of a movie and we are living it backwards, we live the happy ending first then go straight into the bad patches and hard work. Should be the other way round.   
If I could turn the clock and go back 21 years…I would do it again with the same person I know today. This is for him – I love you – our wedding was many years ago, but the celebration continues to this day.  

This is for you babes –
One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two people, two minds, two souls, two destinies, one road, one journey, one ending, together. 

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